LP4 studio’s focus are contemporary and minimal designs with an ethical and sustainable local production.

The brand is based in Locarno, in the Southern and sunny side of Switzerland, where all the garments are carefully created and crafted. 

Locarno is a colorful village immersed in a mediterranean nature surrounded by the typical Swiss mountains. The local nature shapes and forms, have always been an inspiration. 

We appreciate our heritage and the artisan work the most. We continue working with the same small family factories based in Switzerland and Northern Italy, which are an important part of LP 4 studio. We believe in ethical work and the importance of creating bounds with the people who work with us and make this possible.

At LP 4 studio you will find high quality and timeless garments for every human being. High quality ecological fabrics and our unique prints are used to create items that you can wear over the years. We produce a limited amount of garments every season to ensure an artisanal and accurate manufacturing process.

This project is something we truly and deeply believe in.
Thank you so much for making it possible.